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Clear health insights from an IoT asthma inhaler


Project Brief

Enhale is a startup building a smart inhaler that will allow people with asthma and parents of children with asthma to monitor their intake of prescription medicine and share usage data with their physician. They hired me to design an app to sync with and manage their smart inhaler, and work with their developer to build a functional prototype.

The Solution

The app helps people with asthma or parents to monitor their inhaler usage and track risk factors like air quality.



Enhale’s smart inhaler tracks when users take their prescriptions, and the quality of each dosage. If there are any issues, the apps highlights what specifically users should improve in the future.


Inhaler Control

The app communicates information about prescription levels and provides resources for education, emergencies, and communicating with your doctors.



Users can view a live map of air quality data, and also access the location of a lost devices.


Data Insights

Usage data is communicated simply and clearly, and this data can be shared with physicians to provide clarity and more accurate diagnoses.


Project Outcomes

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