About Me

Hi again, I'm Henry Dan. I'm a freelance UI & UX designer working remotely from Indianapolis, IN.

For 8+ years I've been designing SaaS products and working directly with business leaders and product teams to create useful, intuitive, and viable product experiences.

My approach to design

My approach to design

My design process always begins by working to deeply understand your business, customers, and the context your product will live in. From there I work on every step of the design process, from exploring low fidelity solutions, prototyping UI designs, and handing off useful documentation for your developers.

What's it like to work with me?

What's it like to work with me?

  • I believe in making strategic design decisions. My design work is always based on a clear understanding of your business objectives and what your customers need.

  • My work doesn't start with design. We'll work together at a product-level to define requirements, scope and prioritize functionality, and plan how our solution will align with your business objectives.

  • In order to do my job well, we'll need to work together. I'll need some of your time and your honest input, and I'll set up consistent communication channels so that we can effectively collaborate.

I believe that even the most complex and innovative products can be easy to use.

You just need the right people on your team.

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